Exclusive: Cast Talks Netflix’s ‘The Kominsky Method’ New Season at PaleyFest NY [Video]

It was lights, camera, and actors, a few notable ones at that! They were all present for PaleyFest 2019. The cast of The Kominsky Method strutted down the red carpet before the screening of season two! The Knocturnal was able to catch up with some of the actors to see what behind the scenes action they were willing to share and what we could expect for the new season.

When asked about his role as main character Sandy Kominsky, the possibility of having prostate cancer and comparing that to his real life ordeal of tongue cancer. Actor and Executive Producer Michael Kirk Douglas said, “I took it effortlessly if I could say that.” Sandy and Norman are best friends on the show. Norman is a Hollywood agent who has suddenly become a widower. We wanted to know what shenanigans these two would find themselves in for the up coming season. “Well, I’ve got to advise him a little bit, he’s got a girlfriend, but actually it’s the other way around, this season he’s helping me out with some of my medical issues,” Douglas said.

Being in her high profile father’s shadow must be hard, but it looks like Mindy Kominsky, played by Sarah Baker, might be stepping out of her shell. “At the end of the first season, he turned over the reigns of his studio to her, now coming into the second season, she runs the place.” It also turns out, not only will Mindy be stepping out of her father’s shadow, but she also has a love interest, played by Paul Reiser. “You find out that she’s been with the guy for a year, and she’s just now getting around to telling her dad because she’s been a little nervous about it,” said Baker.

Newcomer to the show Paul Reiser, says he’s not only romantically involved with Mindy but he’s also there to give Sandy some trouble. “I’m the older guy that’s dating his young daughter, he doesn’t sit well with that initially, but as time goes on I wear him down”.

Madelyn, played by Jane Seymour, tells us, her character will be tough on her old fling/new boyfriend Norman. “I think Madelyn is fun because she pushes him and she’s tough on him, and he’s use to being the one in charge,” said Seymour.

Look out for all that and more on season 2 of the Netflix series The Kominsky Method!

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