On The Scene: ATL Trap Jazz JammJam

On June 25th, the LA-born community of professional musicians, Jammcard, took their widely successful event format to the southern Capital of hip-hop, Atlanta.

Jammcard began as a way for professional musicians to connect and work, but it has since grown into a movement that highlights live instrumentation, performance, and improvisation. Founder Elmo Lovano (a decorated drummer and music director in his own right; James Fauntleroy, Miley Cyrus, Skrillex) expands his community of musicians to Atlanta, and chose to feature ATL’s Trap Jazz, a genre and group, lead by Trapsound prince Cassius Jay (who‘s production credits include Young Thug, Bankroll, Jacquees etc.).

As an inauguration to Atlanta, Jammcard held their “JammJam” night in a warehouse/skatepark and the event is like no other. The invites were sparse and exclusive, the venue decorated with graffiti and skate ramps, and the air conditioning non existent. But, the weather had no effect on the large circle of musicians, fans, and media that clustered, peering into the middle of the warehouse.

Captivating every eye in the room was the jam session taking place in the eye of the storm.  The jam session was a true test of musicianship, as artists seemingly switch between grooves and melodies. Musicians seemed to tag-in-tag-out for hours, as Atlanta singers and rappers took the mic to freestyle jazz riffs and choruses. The beauty of the JammJam is its ability to immediately build relationships, as musicians were free to join in the orchestra. It became a shared experience for the audience and the musicians, as the night and chemistry organically developed.

Trap Jazz took the floor for the second half of the show led by Cassius Jay. The Trap legend Zaytoven made an appearance to see his prodigy perform and the group did not disappoint. Cassius, a trained jazz musician who has risen to prominence by combining the intricacies of Jazz, the vibes of gospel, and the raw energy of ATL’s Trap sound into a style all his own. The result is breathtaking. Switching through covers, original material, and organically born vibes, Trap Jazz put on a great night of music.

As Jammcard looks to the future, Elmo Lovano seeks to keep expanding and bringing his unique event to more cities. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see JammJam in Atlanta.

-JT Tarpav

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