NYFWM: N-p-Elliot Spring/Summer 2018 Backstage with AXE

N-p-Elliot Spring/Summer 2018, presented at NYFWM at Skylight Clarkson Square. 

Here’s a brief look at N-p-Elliot Spring/Summer 2018, presented at NYFWM at Skylight Clarkson Square. 

N-p-Elliot serves up an intense show for Spring/summer 2018, a theatrical show that tapped into an element of escape, whether literally or more metaphorically. Moreover, and more directly, it was a matter of tension. This tension was between rough edge and femininity, which felt like a more sophisticated interpretation of gender engagement than any other show this week. Stretched jumpsuits in high-tech patterns, Roman Police green and white sashes of some sort. It tapped into elements of gender-neutrality with oddly live-action Scooby-Doo character costumes, the yellow baggy sweaters and build-in belts. It was satisfying for its consistency and final look which featured a parachute. It was that piece that clarified the image of escape. A chance to explore scale and drowning with a denim-esque, wide tunic shirt with matching shorts that felt complete and symbolic. We went backstage to get the low-down on the hair look, with Axe:

The Knockturnal: What’s going on here?

John Ruidant: The look is kind of ‘nerdy school kid’. With that in mind, it’s about the individual look, its not about one specific look. The guys with longer hair have a central, natural part. Using salt spray and the Messy Look gel gives it some hold and then diffusing it. Depending on the texture, we’re using the Natural Look, which gives some moisture. If not bleached hair, we use the messy look.

The Knockturnal: What’re you referring to when you say “diffused?”

John Ruidant: Diffused means not direct air on the blow dry. If you use direct air on a curl, the curl  might fall apart or flatten and makes it frizzy. Use your fingers to part it, not the

The Knockturnal: The shorter hair?

John Ruidant: The straighter hair is with a center part, the feathered back and the back flicks out, with a mullet element.


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