North Fork TV Festival Review: ‘M’

Argentinian director Javier Devitt gives us M, a Spanish Horror Series about a young couple who are trying to find the boyfriend’s dad in the mountains of Patagonia.

Tim’s dad disappeared twenty years ago and is nowhere to be found. With the help of his girlfriend Diane, he makes it his mission to find his father somewhere in Patagonia. 

The pilot starts with Tim deciding to take one last look for his father, just not knowing how to get there. He requests another week off from work and gets fired, giving him nothing to lose. 

When they think their journey is over, they come across a con man who tells them they know where his father is. He leads them into the forest from which they may never return. 

The first half-hour shows the couple having their small ups, and steeper downs, which draws inspiration from most horrors featuring couples. As they start to realize their guide is a fraud, deception and paranoia kick in, making it hard to distinguish what’s actually real. 

The scenes all parallel the new wave of horror we have been seeing over the past few years while implementing older tropes. The cinematography and score add to the already eerie plot and intense character performances as the protagonists’ mental state decline. 

We screened the show at the 2019 North Fork TV Festival.

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