Luxury Furniture Dealer Haute Living Find It’s Latest Home In Chelsea

Showcasing some of the most interesting and exciting furniture, lighting, and decor you will ever see

Last week, Haute Living opened its latest showroom in the Chelsea area of New York City.  Hosting over 120 brands from around the world, this 7000 sq ft showroom is looking to bring some of the most exclusive and luxurious pieces to New York City homes. What’s even more exciting is that Haute Living is widely known as one of the most prominent contemporary and modern furniture and home accessory dealers in the U.S. featuring items like furniture, lighting, rugs, and much more.

We got a chance to walk through Haute Living as the showcases were being put up and we were really excited with what we got to see.  This showroom featured a variety of brands including pieces from Tom Dixon, New Works, and Frigerio (an Italian furniture brand in which Haute Living has an exclusive deal with).  Haute Living’s showroom will feature an extensive selection of modern and contemporary furniture from designers both based in New York as well as around the world.

When looking at some of the displays, we immediately gravitated towards some of the Frigerio pieces.  Frigerio is a beautiful luxury furniture brand that is based in Italy.  What is special about Frigerio furniture is not only is everything crafted in Italy, but customers can customize their pieces to create a one-of-a-kind selection.  Frigerio offers customers the ability to select leather or fabric furniture, the texture and softness, as well as customizing the types of shapes they want to see with the furniture.  One impressive fact we learned about Frigerio was that all the leather is sourced in Italy and customers can select over 70 colors of leather for their furniture depending on the piece.

Another piece we were really impressed with was from a local Brooklyn designer, Steven Bukowski.  Haute Living maintains an exclusive relationship with New Works which is offering a new and exciting piece called the Bukowski Chair.  This chair is previewing in the Chelsea location of Haute Living and will launch globally in the Fall.

The pieces showcased in the new Haute Living showroom can seamlessly integrate with a variety of living situations from residential, commercial, or even hospitality centered environments.  And the initial displays found in Haute Living will be featuring the following brands in their showcase:

  • TYP from Austria
  • Interni Edition from Belgium
  • ANDLight from Canada
  • &Tradition, 101Copenhagen, Astep, by Lassen, Gubi, New Works, Norr11, Wendelbo, and Woud from Denmark
  • La Manufacture, Le Deun, and Matiere Grise from France
  • Pulpo from Germany
  • Arflex, Desalto, Frigerio, GT Design, Laurameroni, Lema, MDF Italia, Miniforms, Meno Lighting, and Tacchini from Italy
  • Artifort, Moooi, and Puik from the Netherlands
  • Resident from New Zealand
  • MDD and Zieta from Poland
  • USM from Switzerland
  • Massproductions from Sweden
  • Tom Dixon from the United Kingdom



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