HBO Max’s LEGENDARY Celebrates “Into the Future of Fashion” in honor of the Smithsonian’s 175th Anniversary in Washington, D.C.

When it comes to fashion, many don’t realize how impactful it is on every society. It is all around us every day, just like oxygen, water and other elements we use daily. Someone’s outfit can speak for them, before they do. As time goes by and we see time evolving, we also can see how fashion changes. The Future of Fashion, a futuristic fashion, illustrated these ideas on May 12. In celebration of 175th Anniversary of The Smithsonian. The incredible fashion show took place at the Art and Industries Building of The Smithsonian, in Washington DC. The iconic futuristic museum is currently filled with advanced technology and information that we may have not thought about or noticed before which made it the perfect location for the show. The Future of Fashion show took its guests on a trip into the future with the sustainable, equitable and inclusive designs. Every model in attendance wore an article of clothing that gave us an idea of what fashion may look like in the next decades, whether it was the whole outfit, accessories or hairstyle. The designers had a wide variety of clothing that you don’t see on day-to-day basis. They allowed themselves to think freely and add a twist to what we may see in the future. It almost gave a sense of being in a different dimension. Not to mention some of the designers traveled from other countries to attend the show, so there were also different outlooks in fashion, based on different parts of the world.  The colors were bold, the designs were unexpected, and the atmosphere was exactly what you would expect. The guests were also in their futuristic outfits which made the whole experience outstanding. The Future of Fashion was simply mind-blowing and out of this world!


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