Exclusive: Monti Washington Talks BET’s ‘Bruh’ & More [Video]

Monti Washington has been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years.

He has not only appeared in numerous commercials across the United States, but Monti also appeared in a variety of television shows. The many shows and movies Monti Washington has appeared on range from She’s With Me, Where The Bears Are, Club Dead, and Stuck With You.

Monti Washington’s breakout roles on television are Games People Play as Terrance Abrams and Bruh as Bill Frazier. Both of which are exclusively on BET+. Bruh recently returned to begin the second half of the first season.

But there is much more to Monti Washington than appearing in front of the camera to play as those characters. Monti Washington has spoken at large venus and colleges as he speaks of knowledge in this industry while also motivating individuals that have dreams and inspirations.

I recently caught up with Monti Washington as we broke down what is to come in the second half of Bruh. We also talk about the upcoming series Stuck With You, the Vs. Battles that has been going on over Instagram, and much more in this exclusive interview.

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